Spectra Chrome Advantages:

•        Environmentally friendlier than conventional chrome plating
•        Contains no Hexavalent Chromium compounds
•        Complies with US guidelines for VOC emissions
•        No size restrictions or limitations
•        Ultra-durable finish - ideal for OEM interior or exterior applications
•        Very cost effective - between $2 to $3 per square foot
•        Can be used on semi-rigid substrates where conventional chrome
•        Complete professional systems starting under $3000
•        Full technical support and free training available
Spectra Chrome’s specially formulated basecoat offers maximum
adhesion to virtually any substrate, while providing a high-gloss
reactive surface to which the metal spray bonds. The basecoat is
fast drying and covers most substrates in just one “criss-cross”

Step 2: Metal Spray

Two unique water-based solutions are sprayed at the same time
through a specialized dual-nozzle spray gun. The solutions mix and
react directly in front of the gun’s nozzles. The reaction creates a
fine mist of real silver metal that deposits with a perfect mirror
reflection  over the entire basecoated surface.

Step 3: Topcoat

A clear, ultra-durable protective coating is applied over the entire
reflective surface. Transparent colors can be added to the topcoat
to achieve a vibrant spectrum of customizing options.