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We are happy to send you a FREE sample piece sprayed with Spectra Chrome’s three-layer finish for you to examine closely – with absolutely NO obligation to buy. We invite you to put our finish to the test for reflectivity, durability, and adhesion. Prove the quality of the Spectra Chrome finish for yourself – because seeing is believing!

Along with your sample piece, we’ll send our full color tri-fold brochure and additional information about our equipment and solutions. Take a closer look at Spectra Chrome today!

* International addresses may incur a nominal fee for postage.

Spectra Chrome’s “spray-on” chrome finish is proudly showcased at the Material ConneXion library in New York City. As the world’s leading materials consultancy, Material Connexion helps companies source advanced materials to enhance the performance, aesthetics and sustainability of their projects. They are the preferred consultant to many Fortune 500 companies; maintaining a physical library of over 8000 innovative materials and processes, with eight locations in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Dr. Andrew H. Dent, executive vice-president of materials research for Material ConneXion, highlights the unique properties of Spectra Chrome’s advanced “spray-on” chrome process.

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