777 – Going big with Spectra Chrome!

What do you think of when you hear “777”? Here at Spectra Chrome, it’s more than just a lucky number. Sometimes 7-7-7 is exactly what it takes to get a big production job done – seven skilled craftsmen, working seven days a week, for seven weeks!

That was the case when one of the largest contractors in the United States came to us with the vision of turning high-density foam (HDF) carvings into rich, shiny golden masterpieces. The HDF carvings would be used to accent the entryways of a brand-new, $2.6 billion luxury casino and resort complex in Boston, Massachussetts.

Small-scale samples of reflective Spectra Chrome gold were quickly approved for the job, and our build team prepared to receive the massive architectural parts. However, we soon learned that project timeline had been moved up; and the parts needed to be finished and shipped an entire month sooner than originally scheduled for the grand opening – it was all hands on deck!

Fortunately, Spectra Chrome has a dedicated team who take pride in their work; with the skills and determination to meet seemingly impossible deadlines every time. If you want to add a touch of class and luxury to high-end architectural and interior design applications, you’re sure to hit the jackpot with Spectra Chrome!

Project Details

Spectra Chrome brings a touch of class and luxury to this world-class casino and resort complex. Our finish is perfect for architectural and interior design applications – applying a reflective finish to any substrate means that there are no scale limitations. We’ve got the expertise and commitment to tackle any project. If you can dream it, you can chrome it!

Client: M. Cohen and Sons
Build Time: 7 weeks