2400 PSI



This motorcycle fender has been painted with the Spectra Chrome basecoat, featuring our exclusive Silver Grip® additive. A high-pressure water jet is blasted directly at the silver layer immediately after depositing. Thanks to Spectra Chrome’s advanced chemistry formulation, the silver “grips” perfectly to the basecoat, and is unaffected even after repeated blasts!

Silver Grip® is a unique formulation created by Spectra Chrome for unmatched silver adhesion to the basecoat layer; regardless of how long the basecoat layer has been dried.

Sometimes, when painting parts with irregular shapes, the basecoat can end up thicker on some areas of the part than others. Thickness of the basecoat, as well as temperature and humidity in the spray booth, can greatly effect the basecoat dry time. All of these variables can make it difficult to determine the exact dry time or “window” of time in which the basecoat should be coated with silver and topcoat layers. With the addition of Silver Grip, the thicker basecoat can purposely be left to dry longer; without risk of adhesion loss! Spectra Chrome Chemistry eliminates dry time guesswork, and adhesion is never a worry. Our proprietary chemistry creates a brilliant finish that’s engineered to last!


Just how good is Spectra Chrome adhesion? Check out our super adhesion videos below. From point-blank pressure sprayer blasts, to extreme bending on plastic, and even cutting and ripping on vinyl; the Spectra Chrome finish will never peel, flake, or delaminate. Incredible UV protection – unbeatable durability!