Although Spectra Chrome is composed of several layers, the final finish behaves as a single, unified coating. The advanced chemistry performance of Spectra Chrome provides intra-layer adhesion and unmatched durability; no matter the application. This steel bracket is a perfect demonstration of the multiple layers that comprise the final Spectra Chrome finish.

As with any “raw” metal surface, the bracket was first coated with a metal etching primer to seal the metal before painting. Using etching primers and other surface preparation techniques is explained in detail in our all-new Training Online.

Spectra Chrome Basecoat, Metal Spray, and Topcoat 311 (tinted purple) is applied next, followed by our ultra-durable Topcoat 211-MAX (no color), “sealing” the final finish and providing extreme durability and UV resistance.

The finished bracket is then gouged with a screwdriver; down through all of the layers and into the “raw” metal surface underneath. Adhesive tape is then applied over the damaged area – watch how none of the exposed edges of the Spectra Chrome finish can be removed past the point of the induced gouging!


Just how good is Spectra Chrome adhesion? Check out our super adhesion videos below. From point-blank pressure sprayer blasts, to extreme bending on plastic, and even cutting and ripping on vinyl; the Spectra Chrome finish will never peel, flake, or delaminate. Incredible UV protection – unbeatable durability!