Spectra Chrome’s new Basecoat 812-E enhanced formulation has been chemically engineered to provide the ultimate paint performance. Self-leveling properties ensure Basecoat 812-E always lays down slick and shiny, so that when your parts are silvered, a true mirror reflection is always achieved. Our customers love how easy it is to spray!


The key to the slickest, shiniest, most reflective show chrome finish! This enhanced formulation consists of three components mixed at a ratio of 8:1:2 before spraying. Unmatched performance with incredible ease of use!

  • Improved coverage and fill capabilities
  • Easy to spray – no orange peel or texture effects
  • Lays down slick, smooth, and glossy
  • Up to 2 years unopened shelf life
  • Fast dry times – air dry overnight at room temperature
  • Quick bake times – bake for 1 hour at 140°F
  • Can be silvered immediately after cool down
  • Pre-mixed with Silver Grip® additive 



The secret to the Spectra Chrome basecoat’s superior adhesion is Spectra Chrome’s exclusive Silver Grip® basecoat additive – a proprietary additive pre-mixed into all Basecoat 812-E that promotes intra-layer adhesion between the basecoat and silver layers. Silver Grip ensures perfect adhesion is always maintained.

No longer is there a specific timeframe or “window” in which the silver and topcoat layers must be applied to ensure perfect adhesion. This unique performance is exclusive to Spectra Chrome chemistry.

Go ahead, basecoat your parts on Friday and finish them on Monday. Accidentally leave your parts in the oven too long? No problem. With Spectra Chrome basecoat, adhesion is always maintained and “adhesion windows” are eliminated.

*Basecoat 812-E
comes pre-mixed
with Silver Grip®


Just how good is Spectra Chrome adhesion? Check out our super adhesion videos below. From point-blank pressure sprayer blasts, to extreme bending on plastic, and even cutting and ripping on vinyl; the Spectra Chrome finish will never peel, flake, or delaminate. Incredible UV protection – unbeatable durability!