See, spray, and test Spectra Chrome for yourself – before you buy!

We are proud to offer certified training classes taught by professional trainers who spray this product every day! Learn from real, hands-on experience as you are guided through every step of the process.

This is NOT just a demonstration – it is real training with an opportunity to ask every question you can think of. You will spray all three layers for yourself and see how easy it is to achieve professional results!


Our trainer, Eric “The Chrominator” Corum, was one of Spectra Chrome’s very first customers. He brings to the table twenty-plus years of experience in the automotive custom paint and repair industry. He is an excellent teacher, and loves to share his knowledge and experience of the Spectra Chrome process.

Between his duties as master trainer at Spectra Chrome headquarters in Florida, Eric travels all over the globe offering on-site training to Spectra Chrome customers who want to learn from the very best – in their own shop! Check out our Global Training page to learn more!


Usually, we offer training class every Tuesday of every week. Other training days are available, by appointment only. We keep our class sizes small so everyone gets an opportunity for hands-on experience.

Training class starts at 10:00 AM on your appointed day. We ask that you try your best to be on time; as others will be waiting, and there is a lot of information to cover. The class is usually finished by 4:00 PM.

We are only 15 minutes from Tampa International Airport, so you can schedule a flight home right after class and we’ll get you there on time.

Please call our main office at (800) 230-6358 to schedule your training day.

Office hours are Monday – Friday, 9AM to 5PM EST. We will check our availability, and work with you to find a date that best fits your schedule.

No – many successful customers have never attended our training class. However, most people like to come in for training before they buy; while others choose to purchase a system and then attend training after using it for a while.

While training class is not mandatory, we highly recommend attending class if you are able. We regularly have people fly in from all over the world; and they all agree it’s time and money well spent!

In addition to hands-on training, our customers can take advantage of our all-new Spectra Chrome Training Online – a comprehensive training resource that you can refer back to every time you’re in the booth!

We take pride in the quality of our training. This is NOT a sales demonstration – every aspect of applying this finish is covered in class. One person from each party will have the opportunity to spray all three layers of the Spectra Chrome finish – Basecoat, Metal Spray and Topcoat.

There are a variety of substrates coated during training class; including ceramic, plastic, fiberglass, metal, and usually some bones. We like to demonstrate exactly how the Spectra Chrome finish can be applied to virtually any surface.

No – everything you will need is provided. You are welcome to take notes or pictures if you wish; but we have already done that for you! Our all-new Spectra Chrome Training Online has been created with all the pictures, video, and information you will ever need. This way, you can just focus on your application technique during class. Please be sure to wear clothing that is suitable for painting and hands-on work.

Yes – our enrollment fee is just $25. This fee covers a brand new respirator mask to use during class that you can take home afterwards, as well as lunch during class.

Yes – between his duties as master trainer at Spectra Chrome headquarters in Florida, Eric travels the world offering training to Spectra Chrome customers who are ready to learn from the very best – in their own shop!

Learn more about Spectra Chrome Global Training here ≫

Call us today to schedule your day of training – we look forward to seeing you!

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