Dennis Anderson’s incredible rollover produced deep gouges and scratches in the Spectra Chrome finish; penetrating well into the fiberglass panels. We tried to remove more of the finish at the exposed edges by scraping the edges as hard as possible with a screwdriver, while simultaneously blowing them with compressed air. None of the finish could be removed past the point of the induced damage!

The Spectra Chrome finish has superior intra-coating adhesion – the three layers act as one, single, unified bonded coating. Our ultra-durable topcoat clear, sprayed over the basecoat and silver layers, protects the mirror finish from UV radiation and will not de-laminate or peel apart no matter how it is mistreated! When it comes to offering a warranty to your customers, adhesion and UV protection is everything. Spectra Chrome is the only company to perfect these very important qualities.

Just because a finish may look good, does not mean it has good adhesion. We’re so confident in the quality of Spectra Chrome, we want you to prove the adhesion for yourself – before you buy. Order your Spectra Chrome sample package today!


Just how good is Spectra Chrome adhesion? Check out our super adhesion videos below. From point-blank pressure sprayer blasts, to extreme bending on plastic, and even cutting and ripping on vinyl; the Spectra Chrome finish will never peel, flake, or delaminate. Incredible UV protection – unbeatable durability!