Spectra Chrome’s superior adhesion takes on the Nuclear Cowboyz world tour!

As a prerequisite to earning a contract with Feld Entertainment to spray Spectra Chrome finishes for Nuclear Cowboyz, we coated multiple sample pieces and submitted them to the show director for evaluation. It turns out that Feld Entertainment had attempted to use other chrome products on Nuclear Cowboyz bikes in the past, but ALL of them failed – they just couldn’t hold up to the punishment of a rigorous show tour.

Spectra Chrome has repeatedly proven to be a superior product that not only looks awesome, but also demonstrates super adhesion and incredible durability. Spectra Chrome provides a perfect mirror finish while still maintaining complete flexibility. No other chrome process can be applied successfully to polypropylene motorcycle plastic and have this type of performance!

We learned that riders often custom-cut their plastic parts to make it possible to grip their bike in a variety of ways while performing particular stunts. They make cuts to the Spectra Chrome finish after it is applied with absolutely no issues. Completely unplanned, and a real testament to Spectra Chrome’s uncompromising durability! Take a look at the video, and see just how well Spectra Chrome holds up after Nuclear Cowboyz put it to the test!

Project Details

Now in our fourth consecutive year, Spectra Chrome’s long-standing partnership with Feld Entertainment has brought our stunning spray-on chrome finishes to some of the world’s premier touring entertainment shows – including Monster Jam, Nuclear Cowboyz, and more!

Client: Feld Entertainment, Inc.
Build Time: Ongoing


Just how good is Spectra Chrome adhesion? Check out our super adhesion videos below. From point-blank pressure sprayer blasts, to extreme bending on plastic, and even cutting and ripping on vinyl; the Spectra Chrome finish will never peel, flake, or delaminate. Incredible UV protection – unbeatable durability!