Extreme paint performance for Team XScream’s high-performance competition jet ski!

You work hard. You play hard. So never settle for a topcoat that’s soft and won’t hold up to the elements! We teamed up with Team XScream, and sprayed our newly-engineered Topcoat 211-MAX on a one-of-a-kind competition jet ski.

“Absolutely amazing! I couldn’t believe the reflection – it actually made the water glow!” said Team XScream owner Patrick Bogart. And the entire crew was still doing flips when the ski came off the water: “The topcoat is taking some serious abuse from the elements and the impacts on the water – and we don’t see a single mark on the ski; it’s completely resilient to the environment,” said Bogart.

That didn’t happen by accident. We’ve put 211-MAX through extensive, extreme weather testing at Q-Lab in South Florida; and just like the ski on the water, 211-MAX scored all 10s. Judge for yourself – it will not fade, haze, or yellow like most topcoats… a bold claim, backed by data, that no other “spray-on” chrome product can make!

Project Details

Uncompromising durability you can stand behind with confidence – it’s why Spectra Chrome is the trusted name in quality “spray-on” chrome finishes. Take a look at how we’ve put our finish to the test!

Client: Team XScream
Build Time: 4 weeks