Brushed metal finishes with Spectra Chrome

Spectra Chrome is well known for amazing mirror-reflectivity – but did you know our versatile process can be used to create a huge variety of brushed, anodized, and other metallic finishes?

This customer came to us seeking a brushed-metal finish on large architectural design pieces. These 5-foot diameter rings are made of HDF (high density foam); and are used around recessed lighting mounted in the ceiling of a large meeting room.

Creating the look of brushed brass

The job spec required matching the look and color of the brushed brass accents on a vintage conference table found in the room. The customer was delighted with Spectra Chrome’s spot-on match of real brushed brass!

You can easily achieve this brushed finish by lightly scuffing the white basecoat layer with an abrasive pad before silvering. Architectural business is booming – thanks to the versatility of Spectra Chrome, you can offer your customers a full range of finishes to meet any client vision!