Spray chrome over any substrate!

The ability to spray chrome over any substrate opens the door to brand new markets that never existed before!

Historically, most chrome plating was done using traditional tank plating; a process that involves hazardous chemicals – and is usually limited to metal substrates that conduct electricity. Not anymore!

If you can paint it, you can chrome it!

Spectra Chrome is a three layer “spray-on” coating that is applied just like automotive paint. The first layer is a specially formulated white basecoat, applied directly over the substrate. Next a thin layer of real silver metal is deposited. Finally, an ultra durable marine-grade topcoat seals the silver finish and provides incredible UV resistance and durability.

Chrome on any substrate – now in any color!

A chrome finish is always popular; but spraying colors of chrome really gets people excited – simply mix Spectra Chrome color tints into the topcoat layer to create breathtaking reflective colors of chrome! By mixing combinations of the seven color tints, you can create stunning colors never seen in a chrome finish before. The only limit is your imagination!