Unique finishes for contemporary art!

A renowned artist and sculptor, Brendan Murphy’s work has exhibited worldwide – he is known for pushing the boundaries of creativity by experimenting with new and innovative materials and mediums.

In 2017, Brendan turned to Spectra Chrome seeking a metallic chrome coating for his 18″ Boonji Spaceman sculpture. We provided a spectacular, signature finish that his clients have come to expect!

Since there are no size limitations to Spectra Chrome, Brendan was able to supersize his work and create numerous seven-foot-tall Boonji Spacemen – which were all sprayed with Spectra Chrome finishes with no issue. The results were so incredible that Brendan turned to Spectra Chrome again in 2018 for his Candy Hearts project – and the results are once again stunning!

Project Details

Brendan Murphy continues to use Spectra Chrome in sculpture projects – along with other artists and sculptors all over the world who have found inspiration in Spectra Chrome’s unique coating. Check out other Spectra Chrome works of art by MGA Sculpture Studio!

Client: Brendan Murphy
Build Time: Ongoing