Gold and chrome – the ultimate one-two combination for incredible custom builds!

Here’s something you don’t see every day! This “gator car” brings together Spectra Chrome’s amazing spray-on chrome with Gold Effects‘ incredible 24kt gold plating capabilities for one of the wildest custom builds we’ve ever seen!

It all started with massive 27″ Asanti chrome rims featuring a gator-skin pattern; which were plated with a real layer of 24kt gold using Gold Effects’ patented electroplating process. A gator-skin paint job soon followed – but when we showed the builder how you can match the look of real 24kt electroplated gold on non-conductive surfaces with Spectra Chrome, they took this project to a whole new level!

The custom-fabricated interior door panels and hood featured real taxidermy gator heads molded into the fiberglass. We masked out the gator heads, and used Spectra Chrome to give them an identical, brilliant 24kt gold finish to match the rims! The amazing capabilities of Gold Effects and Spectra Chrome are the perfect one-two combination for next-level customization. Let your imagination run wild!

Project Details

Gold Effects’ portable 24kt gold plating systems allow you to deposit REAL gold over any conductive surface. Bring a touch of class and luxury to endless applications; from automotive to sporting goods, housewares, and more – learn more at!

Build Time: 4 weeks