Spring into action with a brand new market application!

The beauty of Spectra Chrome is in creating brand new markets that never existed before – and here’s another great example. Stunning, mirror-reflective finishes on suspension coil springs!

Spectra Chrome is the ONLY chrome product in existence that remains totally flexible over bendable substrates. Our advanced chemistry formulations provide superior adhesion – allowing us to apply the Spectra Chrome basecoat directly over the existing powder coating!

Even extreme compression under a 250-ton hydraulic press is no match for Spectra Chrome’s extreme paint performance. And we’ve even proven it in the field – just ask monster truck legend Dennis Anderson! Offer your customers a totally unique finish with uncompromising quality and durability with Spectra Chrome.

Project Details

Uncompromising durability you can stand behind with confidence – it’s why Spectra Chrome is the trusted name in quality “spray-on” chrome finishes. Take a look at how we’ve put our finish to the test!