Flip on the TV any Saturday, and you’re likely to see Spectra Chrome shining on the field!

Our advanced “spray-on” chrome technology has been used in NCAA football since 2009. Spectra Chrome customer Hydro Graphics, Inc. (HGI) – one of the leaders in football helmet finishes – started with the Oregon Ducks, and business took off after football fans saw how it made the Ducks shine. HGI sprays Spectra Chrome finishes for more than 70 football teams – and now so does Riddell; the leading helmet manufacturer in the world. It’s not just college teams either – Spectra Chrome is now being sprayed on helmet face masks for NFL teams including the New York Jets.

Now we’ve helped HGI and Riddell take their amazing helmet coatings one step further, with Spectra Grafix water-transfer printing. Chrome of any color over anything – now with any pattern you desire!

Watch a game, and see how well Spectra Chrome holds up to extreme impacts – it will never peel or flake. It’s a testament to the unmatched quality of the Spectra Chrome finish. Head-to-head impacts are no match for our paint performance!

Project Details

Advanced performance and uncompromising durability – that’s why Spectra Chrome is the only “spray-on” chrome finish trusted by the NCAA and Riddell. Take a look at just how tough the Spectra Chrome finish is!

Applicator: Riddell, Hydro Graphics, Inc.
Client: 70+ NCAA football teams
Build Time: Ongoing