A spectacular chrome finish for prime-time TV productions!

On the game show Spin the Wheel on FOX, contestants can win as much as 20 million dollars – all depending on how the ball bounces. That bouncing ball, which can totally change the lives of contestants, came to life at Spectra Chrome!

Spin the Wheel was developed by Los Angeles-based production company Glassman Media – creators of the successful game show The Wall. They turned to Spectra Chrome for help with a unique issue they had in designing the set:

On The Wall, Glassman media used a 15-inch diameter light-up ball to drop through a maze of pins, cascading down to determine the prize money. When they tried using the same light-up ball for Spin the Wheel, it just wasn’t producing the same effect. So instead of having a ball light up, Glassman Media needed one that reflected the LED lighting of the gigantic wheel. What they needed was a chrome bouncing ball – naturally, they called Spectra Chrome!

We suggested chroming a dodge ball, and went to work. Spectra Chrome’s superior adhesion and proven durability over flexible substrates makes it possible to even chrome rubber! It looks like a million bucks, doesn’t it? Or maybe even 20 million!

Project Details

The challenge for Spectra Chrome was turning an old schoolyard dodge ball into the chrome centerpiece for a network television game show. To achieve uniform coverage over 100% of the ball, we attached a mounting rod through the ball’s filler valve; allowing us to spin it and spray it at the same time.

Client: Glassman Media
Build Time: 2 weeks