Two “chromed out” trucks for Grave Digger’s monstrous 30th anniversary build!

Grave Digger’s commemorative 30th anniversary concept art envisioned a green chrome truck AND a purple chrome truck – with both sides of the trucks featuring the familiar Grave Digger “blood” logos and all-new, sinister-looking grim reaper skulls!

To showcase the capabilities of the Spectra Chrome finish – and to make this project literally “pop” – custom hand-carved molds of the anniversary artwork were created by frequent Spectra Chrome collaborator, MGA Sculpture Studio of St. Petersburg, Florida. Both trucks were then fitted with the most spectacular 3D paint scheme ever devised!

It took a team of 13 people working over a 5 month period to make this project come together. Take a look at the video to see the immense amount of hard work and talent that made this build possible!

Project Details

Spectra Chrome’s advanced performance opens the door to truly endless creativity. When you can apply a reflective mirror finish on virtually any substrate, the sky is the limit. A big thanks to MGA Sculpture Studio for helping us make this project a reality!

Client: Feld Entertainment, Inc.
Build Time: 5 months