Striking gold in brand new markets with Spectra Chrome!

The Spectra Chrome advantage is in capturing new markets that never existed before – and this is another great example. This artwork was created by contemporary sculptor Teresita Fernández – recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship grant for her originality and dedication in creative pursuits. Her work is on display all over the world; with Spectra Chrome providing the canvas for her largest solo exhibition to date.

As part of Fernández’s Golden series, Spectra Chrome was applied to wooden panels and 3D-printed polymer shapes, giving an incredible mirror finish to the surface. The illusion of real 24-karat gold was created by simply mixing colored tints into the Spectra Chrome topcoat.

The artist applied a semi-transparent liquid graphite paint over the Spectra Chrome gold panels, creating evocative landscapes that superimpose the viewer’s own reflection into the image, making it appear and dissolve into the work.

Our customers have established an average asking price for this type of service work – around $150 per square foot, all three layers applied. With Spectra Chrome, there’s no limit to your creativity and high-profit potential!

Project Details

Teresita Fernández’s pioneering work with Spectra Chrome has put our reflective finish on some very unique substrates. We collaborated with Teresita Fernández again on an amazing 60-foot wall sculpture made of cast stone, which is now installed in the new US Coast Guard Headquarters building in Washington, D.C.

Client: Teresita Fernández
Build Time: 4 weeks