Spectra Chrome “rocks” the nation’s capital!

The sky-lit atrium of the new United States Coast Guard Headquarters welcomes visitors with a striking art installation that shines bright thanks to Spectra Chrome. This is the work of renowned sculptor Teresita Fernández – who called on our amazing reflective finish to help realize her vision. Inspired by the history of maritime navigation; an abstracted navigational star chart, made up of over 300 gold “stars” stretches across a 60-foot zinc wall.

Each of the molded plastic “stars” is shaped like a cubic, rock-like mineral formation called galena. The rocks have been sprayed Spectra Chrome gold, and are inter-connected to represent the constellations and other celestial bodies used by ancient sailors to navigate the seas.

The only limit to Spectra Chrome is your imagination – take a look at how we created this stunning work of art!

Project Details

Large-scale interior design applications are a huge market for Spectra Chrome – many architecture and design firms employ Spectra Chrome finishes to give their concepts a unique edge. Check out this stunning new restaurant in Houston (IAH) airport; sprayed by one of our best applicators, Houston Chrome!

Client: U.S. General Services Administration
Build Time: 3 weeks