NASA teams up with Spectra Chrome to protect the planet!

We’ve always known that Spectra Chrome is out of this world – and now we have proof! Engineers from NASA – yes, the ACTUAL National Aeronautics and Space Administration – approached us with an interest in using our highly reflective, extremely durable coating on terrestrial deep space antennas.

It’s part of Project KₐBOOM – which stands for Kₐ-Band Objects Observation and Monitoring. The project is a new ground-based radar system designed to track and analyze near-earth objects like asteroids, comets, and orbital debris; to create an early-warning system for the planet as well as ensure the safety of crewed spacecraft.

Currently, NASA’s best radar images are only able to detect near-earth objects larger than 400cm (about the size of a bedroom). Spectra Chrome’s highly reflective surface enables KaBOOM antennas to detect objects as small as 5cm in size – about the size of a golf ball!

The antennas will be installed in harsh desert conditions, where NASA engineers can rely on Spectra Chrome’s uncompromising UV resistance and durability. It’s a monumental leap in technological advancement – made possible only by Spectra Chrome’s advanced performance!

Project Details

We’ve subjected our finish to thousands of hours of UV radiation testing – our advanced topcoat formulations ensure 100% UV protection and resilience in the harshest of conditions!

Client: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Build Time: Ongoing