Industry game changer – Spectra Chrome over rubber!

There’s a reason why Spectra Chrome is a secret weapon for set designers and prop masters across the entertainment industry – our process revolutionized the production of the DC Comics television series Peacemaker; adapted from the 2021 film The Suicide Squad.

In the original film, the helmet worn by John Cena’s character Peacemaker was made of solid, nickel-copper tank plated metal – and weighed a whopping 10 pounds! The prop designers needed a better way to produce these helmets – and teaming up with Spectra Chrome was the answer!

Unlike conventional tank plating, the Spectra Chrome finish is lightweight. The brilliant, mirror-reflective shine is produced by a thin layer of real silver metal under a marine-grade clear topcoat that remains flexible.

Reflective chrome finishes for 3D printed rapid-prototypes

The first helmets we chromed for Peacemaker were made of resin. However, Spectra Chrome works over any substrate – this inspired the production team to get creative with even more helmet designs. As a result, eight additional one-off 3D-printed helmets were produced, chromed, and featured in the series!

A completely flexible chrome finish – even over rubber!

The true game changer was using Spectra Chrome’s unique, flexible properties when applied to rubber! For safety during the filming of action scenes, John Cena’s stunt double would wear a black rubber version of the Peacemaker helmet. To restore the helmet’s chrome appearance, we learned that it would require extensive post-editing – the chrome helmet would be superimposed onto the actor’s head, frame-by-frame, by tracking his movements throughout the scene!

We applied Spectra Chrome directly over the rubber stunt helmet – this eliminated the costly post-production work; saving time and money! There is no other chrome process that remains flexible over bendable substrates – that’s why Spectra Chrome is a game changer in the entertainment industry!