Shoot to thrill!

If you can dream it, you can chrome it with Spectra Chrome – and here’s more proof! This custom “gatling gun” started as a crazy idea drawn on a napkin. The goal was to create a one-of-a-kind, rapid-fire stress ball launcher/fog thrower that mounts atop our Spectra Chrome F650 King Sling hauler.

We started with a stock stress ball launcher, and amped it up with a fog thrower barrel straight down the middle. It’s all powered by two huge CO2 tanks mounted in the truck bed. Corrugated PVC plastic piping and other custom pieces were incorporated to give this gun a menacing look. Then it was time to chrome everything to match the rig!

That’s the beauty of Spectra Chrome – applying chrome of any color over any substrate. For even more impact, we chromed out some high-powered t-shirt launchers too! We shoot to thrill when it’s time to roll into trade shows, parades, and mega mud parks around the country!

Project Details

This project is another awesome collaboration between Spectra Chrome and MGA Sculpture Studio of St. Petersburg, Florida. At Spectra Chrome, we’re all about crazy custom builds; and we like to take all of our projects to the max! Be sure to check out Dennis Anderson’s King Sling mega mud truck, and the 30th anniversary Grave Digger monster truck builds!

Client: Spectra Chrome
Build Time: 4 weeks