Spectra Chrome makes the Nuclear Cowboyz shine on their world tour!

We coated four motorcycles, two snowmobiles, and a gatling gun ATV for Feld Entertainment’s Nuclear Cowboyz 2012 show tour. The show’s premise centers around opposing stunt teams – the team leader of the “Metal Mulisha” riding a gold chrome bike, and the “Soldiers of Havoc” team leader riding a blue chrome bike.

Although only one blue or gold chrome bike is seen at a given time during the show, the second set of chrome bikes is used during the portions of the show when the drivers light themselves on fire and perform stunts. To keep the show’s timing seamless, the second set of bikes appear as the riders on the first set of bikes are extinguished and remove their fire suits. The second red snowmobile is kept as a backup, if needed.

The pyrotechnics-wielding gatling gun ATV received a unique “smoked” chrome appearance on its multiple sets of guns and mock-exhaust pipes, which were carved from hard-coated styrofoam. The darkened, smoke-tarnished chrome look gives it a battle-scarred appearance.

Project Details

Spectra Chrome is a huge hit with Feld Entertainment and Nuclear Cowboyz – check out highlights from the show tour, and take a look at what the Nuclear Cowboyz riders and show staff have to say about Spectra Chrome’s extreme paint performance!

Client: Feld Entertainment
Build Time: 4 weeks