’32 FORD


Our custom roadster build is all about the chrome!

The Spectra Chrome ’32 Ford “Chromester” was the first ever all-chrome car to appear at the SEMA Show, back in 2008. Chrome bumpers and wheels are seen at SEMA all the time; but our roadster’s entire fiberglass body – coated in Spectra Chrome blue and purple – made a HUGE impact and was the talk of the show!

Everything about this custom ride is over-the-top – including the Chevrolet 502 big-block engine at 750 bhp! The custom interior originally debuted with chromed-out vinyl “gator skin” on the door panels, steering wheel, and center console. We brought it back to SEMA 2016 to highlight our new Spectra Grafix water-transfer printing systems. Chrome of any color over anything – now with any pattern you desire!

Project Details

We’re all about extreme custom builds here at Spectra Chrome! From the 3D Grave Digger 30th anniversary builds, to Dennis Anderson’s King Sling mega mud truck; let us show you that if you can dream it, you can chrome it!

Builder: Fortney Customs
Build Time: 5 months